Complete Machine Learning with R Studio – ML for 2021

Linear & Logistic Regression, Decision Trees, XGBoost, SVM & other ML models in R programming language

Machine Learning & Deep Learning in Python & R

Covers Regression, Decision Trees, SVM, Neural Networks, CNN, Time Series Forecasting and more

Machine Learning in R & Predictive Models |Theory & Practice

Supervised & unsupervised machine learning in R, clustering in R, predictive models in R by many…

Live For A FREE Workshop For Machine Learning | Eduonix

Free Live Training on Breast Cancer Prediction Using ML Algorithm

Learn Machine Learning in 21 Days

Learn to create Machine Learning Algorithms in Python Data Science enthusiasts. Code templates included.

Machine Learning with Python Training (beginner to advanced)

Implement practical scenarios & a project on Recommender System

Machine learning & AI Hands on 3 Projects.

Get well verse with Machine learning and AI by working on hands-on projects

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