Free Online Course on Journalism and Mental Health


Mental health is a growing concern around the world. According to the World Health Organization, one in four people will experience some form of mental disorder in their lifetime.

As a journalist, you may be called upon to report on stories that deal with mental health. It is important to be able to take care of yourself while reporting on these sensitive topics.

This course will teach you how to take care of your own mental health while responsibly reporting on mental health issues.

You will learn about

The different types of mental disorders
The causes of mental disorder
The symptoms of mental disorders
Treatment options for mental disorders
How to responsibly report on mental health issues
This course is suitable for journalists, journalism students, and anyone interested in learning more about mental health and journalism.
This course is free. To enroll, click on the “Enroll for Free” button on this page.

Who Can Enroll

This course is for employed or self-employed journalists and also for newsroom leaders, such as editors and managers, who are interested in sustaining their own physical and mental health and in reporting on mental health issues.

Course Fee

This course is available for free.

Important Dates

Start Date : June 27 2022

End Date : July 31, 2022

Course Certification

A certificate of completion is available for those who meet all of the course requirements, and pay online an administrative fee of $30

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