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  • no prior experience is require


This course is designed specifically for freshers and also for those who want to switch career from Excel to Tableau . Its just a Demo Course for absolute beginners.

Tableau is a leading data visualization tool used for data analysis and business intelligence. Gartner’s Magic Quadrant classified Tableau as a leader for analytics and business intelligence.

Advantages of Tableau

  • Data visualization.
  • Quickly Create Interactive visualizations.
  • Ease of Implementation.
  • Tableau can handle large amounts of data.
  • Use of other scripting languages in Tableau.
  • Mobile Support and Responsive Dashboard.
  • Tableau Company Strategy.
  • Scheduling or notification of reports.


  • Excel becomes slow or crashes when you have lots of data, formatting and Charts inside a workbook.
  • Mistakenly working on the wrong file you saved.
  • It’s so annoying to email multiple Excel files to the same people everyday.
  • It takes hours to create a dashboard with multiple charts and formula functions.
  • Some time Excel files are used to store the large amount data which is a very wrong decision because to update the data everyday on that file is a headache because it takes so much time to get open and then to get save.

Learn how to use a TABLEAU Desktop  (Data Visualization) most demanded tool in the industry today. Give your career.

Section 1:Booster Base

Lecture 1:Start_

Lecture 2:Introduction

Lecture 3:Download

Lecture 4:Install

Lecture 5:Connect with Database

Lecture 6:Tableau Live & Extract

Lecture 7:View tables

Lecture 8:Data Types

Lecture 9:Tableau Work Sheet Interface

Lecture 10:Data Types Symbol

Lecture 11:Adding new Sheet

Lecture 12:Product Category & Sales

Lecture 13:Make Hierarchy

Lecture 14:Grouping

Lecture 15:Date Filter

Lecture 16:Keeponly and Exclude

Lecture 17:Granularity

Lecture 18:Table into chart form

Lecture 19:Important

Section 2:Charts

Lecture 22:Introduction to Charts

Lecture 23:Charts

Lecture 24:Bar Chart

Lecture 25:Line Chart

Lecture 26:Line Chart size measure

Lecture 27:Final_

Who this course is for:

  • For Absolute beginners
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