Futures & Options Trading: Natural Edge to your Portfolio’s


  • No Stock Market Experience needed
  • Fresh mind that knows nothing of Stock Market & Excitement to Learn
  • Reasonable understanding of English as a spoken Language


Potential Option Traders are attracted to Options Trading because:

1. Options have a history of being one of the Best Money Makers

2. Poor Reward to Risk while trading the Underlying

3. Better Return on Investment with Options Trading

4. Options are one of the most Creative Instruments

6. Potential to Translate your Confidence and your Fear into the Trade directly

7. Millions of More reasons or Ways to trade the same Stock or Index with the Help of Option Strategies a.k.a. Option Combinations

8. With Options trading you can trade all types of market conditions

However, most Traders start Trading Options and Leave after just a Few Trades


1. Lack of Understanding. Remember Acceleration can take you Forward as well as Backward, need to get into right Gear

2. Many Traders get overwhelmed by Complexities. Well, they call it Complexity we call them Attention to Details

3. Just like Buy & Sell with Options one size (Trade) often Does not Fit all

4. Most do not realize, when you trade Options, you trade Price & Time

Did you know Option Traders who lose in the beginning, lose more due to Errors and less due to the wrong Call on the Trade. We at Quantsapp have had a history of Simplifying Complex Options for many years.

The team contributing with decades of experience in simplifying the Options Earning Engine has put a lot of effort in explaining the following critical topics for you to have Independent Option Trading Start.

Simple but essential illustrative explanation of What, Why, and How of Equity Derivatives

The Leverage Game: Forwards and Futures and their Trading uses (why Buy 1 when you can buy 4)

Stock v/s Futures: How Futures Trading gives you Edge over trading Underlying & Golden Rules while trading Futures

Understanding the importance of Options Trading

Techniques of how to calculate Option Premium

Learn the art of Mitigating Risk with Options Buying

Simplistic Example of Options further simplifying Call Option & Put Option.

Options Selling a.k.a. Option Writing, Risky but Highly Lucrative if done right

Essentials of Risk Assessment and Designing Entry, Exit Strategies

How trading our same trading idea with Options already puts us ahead in the curve

In short, you will learn not just Why & How to Trade but also What to Trade with Options

Attention: You Do Not Need any other training before or after this course to start trading options from your own little Paradise with Internet connection ?.

What Will you Get:

· Unlimited lifetime access absolutely free

· Self Paced Illustrative learning

· Continuously Improvement Cycle of Learning absolutely Free

· Questions, Comments and Concerns answered in 24-48 hours

Legal Disclaimer: Trading Requires self assessment and independent assessment of potential loss. Creators and Contributors to this Course will not be Responsible for Any kind of Loss to anyone in anyway, due to this course

This Course is for You if:

  • You’re interested in earning from trading options
  • You want to learn different ways to trade the same stock/index
  • You wish to go beyond trading Buying & Selling
  • You are interested in Volatility
  • You are inclined to learn Risk Management Techniques
  • You have just small gaps of time to trade like during lunch
  • You want to Unlearn the Errors and Learn Error Free Trading Techniques
  • You want to trade Independently

Watch this course for Independent and Error-Free Options Trading !!

Who this course is for:

  • You have just small gaps of time to learn like during lunch
  • Want learn how to Buy 4 with money of 1
  • You want to Unlearn the Errors and Learn Error Free Trading Techniques
  • If you are earning 1 & losing 1, & want to earn 3 but lose just 1
  • You want to trade Independently
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