Generative A.I., from GANs to CLIP, with Python and Pytorch


  • Basic knowledge of python. It’s enough with the very basics, as we will code every little thing together, line by line
  • Access to an internet connection, as we will use the free online Google Colab service to code together
  • Plenty of enthusiasm as we will go deep into every little detail, let’s do it! 🙂


Generative A.I. is the present and future of A.I. and deep learning, and it will touch every part of our lives. It is the part of A.I that is closer to our unique human capability of creating, imagining and inventing. By doing this course, you gain advanced knowledge and practical experience in the most promising part of A.I., deep learning, data science and advanced technology.

The course takes you on a fascinating journey in which you learn gradually, step by step, as we code together a range of generative architectures, from basic to advanced, until we reach multimodal A.I, where text and images are connected in incredible ways to produce amazing results.

At the beginning of each section, I explain the key concepts in great depth and then we code together, you and me, line by line, understanding everything, conquering together the challenge of building the most promising A.I architectures of today and tomorrow. After you complete the course, you will have a deep understanding of both the key concepts and the fine details of the coding process.

What a time to be alive! We are able to code and understand architectures that bring us home, home to our own human nature, capable of creating and imagining. Together, we will make it happen. Let’s do it!

Who this course is for:

  • People interested in using A.I and deep learning to generate, imagine and create new things
  • People interested in generative adversarial networks and other advanced A.I generative architectures
  • People interested in how A.I can combine different modalities (text, images) to create new things (multimodal A.I.)
  • People interested in learning to code the type of advanced A.I architectures that are the present and future of the field


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