Gino’s Lambda Expressions course for Java Certification Exam


  • Basics of java’s interface concepts and function overriding


*Brand new course*

*Master all the tricky concepts of Lambda Expressions and Method References from scratch, for Oracle’s latest Java 11 Certification Exam 1z0819*

Are you preparing for the Java 11 Certification Exam 1z0819 that was launched by Oracle in early 2021?

Are you looking for a genuineup-to-date course relevant in 2021 that provides simple & easy to digest lessons on complex scenarios of Java’s popular features:

  • Lambda Expressions
  • Method References

If you’ve enrolled in our previous courses, you know the high standards we set.

This course is no different.

All our courses provide:

  • Extremely high quality professional tutorials expressed in articulate English
  • Intelligently designed curriculums that simplify complicated topics, and
  • present them to our students, in an easy-to-remember manner.

In this course, we inspect Lambda expressions and Method References from scratch, in great detail, from Java 11 exam perspective.

Because of the heavy emphasis on the exam’s objectives, this course covers several topics that perplex students and are usually brushed aside or skipped in standard courses and books.

We’ll cover:

  • Functional Interface v/s Interface  + Tricky practice questions for Exam
  • New special features with Object class from Functional Interface perspective (imp for exam)
  • Why Functional Programming when java already supports OOP
  • Lambda Expression Concept
  • Valid ways for specifying Lambda’s arguments (imp for exam)
  • Valid ways for specifying Lambda’s body (imp for exam)
  • void compatible lambda (very imp for exam)
  • New rules involving local variables and lambdas (imp for exam)
  • Easiest way to write your first Method Reference
  • Shortcut rules for Method Reference (imp for exam)
    • with void methods
    • with non-void methods
  • Method Reference with static methods
  • Method Reference with instance methods (imp for exam)
  • Method Reference with parameters (very imp for exam)
  • Method Reference with constructors aka Constructor Reference

We have also added tough, concept clearing practice questions, wherever applicable.

The course also comes with friendly, active instructor support via udemy and facebook. If you have any queries, or need clarity on a certain topic, post your questions in the discussion forum and we’ll make sure you get the concept right.

This is not a course where students are abandoned and left stranded in udemy’s Q&A forum.

By the end of this course,

  • you’ll feel confident on how lambda expressions and method references work.
  • Once you complete the course, there would no need to study this topic from anywhere else.

Save your time with a quick but in-depth curriculum that rigorously teaches these concepts from certification exam’s perspective.

Lambda is the future. Enroll now & get access to our student exclusive facebook group where we answer questions raised by students.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners as well as Working Professionals wanting to master Lambda Expressions
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