Global Air Logistics Management in Supply Chain Management


  • Hunger to improve yourself and enhance your Logistics and Supply Chain Career
  • A desire to Master Logistics and Supply Chain Business and learn practical applied knowledge
  • So lets FLY our Cargo ūüôā


This Course will prove to be a boon to you and help you boost your logistics and supply chain management knowledge as it is a specialized course on Aviation Logistics in Supply chain management as Air Logistics Management is very important if your aim is to move your cargo on urgent basis with minimum risk, As in International Trade , Supply chain management & Shipping there are many risks involved.Its a base for inventory Movement and is ideal for Amazon FBA, Drop Shipping, Outsourcing , Retail business owners, Inventory, Logistics and Supply chain management professionals  as it is prepared with focus on practical knowledge which you can use in you day to day work as the instructor himself is a Supply Chain and Logistics Management professional managing Shipping, Freight Forwarding, Surface Transport, Aviation Logistics for many exporters and importers and has a professional qualification in then Feild of Logistics Management and Supply Chain Management

Why is Logistics and Supply chain management the Future ?

The logistics and supply chain aspect is vital for any business in terms of supply of quality raw materials, efficient manufacturing process, as well as tracking, transport and storage of the finished goods. Companies implementing well-designed supply chain practices are able to meet consumer needs in a more expeditious and timely manner.

Logistics & Supply chain digitization is the process of using the latest tech solutions together with other physical and digital assets to redesign logistics practices. This way, they can adjust better to the fast-paced, highly competitive, omni-channel business environment.

Why is Logistics Management and Supply Chain Management a good career?

Logistics & Supply Chain Management professionals are high in demand in various organizations in national as well as international level. Logistics & Supply Chain Management are the necessary terms of company success and customer satisfaction.

Top job profiles:

Project Manger

Supply Chain /Logistics Manager

Material Manager

Demand Planner

Master Production Scheduler

Sourcing Manager

Export Import/ Logistics/ Supply Chain Analyst

Export Import/ Logistics/ Supply Chain Consultant

Customer Service Manager Export Import/ Logistics/ Supply Chain

International Logistics Manager

Inventory Control Manager

Logistics Engineer

Logistics Manager


Logistics Business Analyst

By the end of this you will complete understanding of the Business of Logistics Management in Supply Chain , from a day to day operational point of view.

The Modules in this course are

1) Introductory video to the  Aviation Logistics Management in Supply Chain & Import Export

2)Shift of Cargo from Air Logistic to Ocean Logistics in Import Export

3)Strengths of Aviation Logistics over other modes in Import Export

4)History and Orgin of Aviation Logistics in International trade

5)International Air Transport Association (IATA) in Import Export, Shipping & Logistics

6)Types of Airlines  in Air Cargo Logistics Management and Import Export

7)Types of Airports in Aviation Logistics Management

8)Types of Airports and Airlines Connectivity in International Trade

9)Aviation Connectivity in International Trade & Import Export

10)Players in Aviation Logistics and Import Export

11)The Role of Information Technology on Air Logistics

12)Air freight Calculations and Types of Air Freight in Import Export & Logistics

13)Documents in Aviation Logistics Management and International Trade

14)Flow of Movement of cargo in aviation logistics management and Import Export

At the end of this course the students will understand  why selecting the best mode of transport for a  said inventory is very important in Logistics Managment and when should they select Air Modes of transports and when to not

they will learn about Freight Calculation in Air Logistics , Volume Calculation of Cargo(Inventory) , How to Save Cost in Logistics and Supply Chain Management,  The Role of Freight Forwarder cum Custom Broker in Logistics and Supply Chain, The Role of Ground Handling Agent in Air Logistics Management,  Whom and why to consult before placing an order, Selection of Transport mode in emergency or high valued cargo and Charge wise study of  Logistics chain.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in learning about International Shipping by Air and Logistics business (only practical concepts that you can use and no boring theory + we won’t cover business topics that are common sense).
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Professionals. Working in Operations, Manufacturing, Retail or Service sectors, Production and Industry
  • Financial Controllers, Accountants, Business Analysts & Consultants for Freight forwarding , Logistics and Supply Chain
  • MSME business owners in Export and Import, Freight Forwarding, Logistics, Time Sensitive Logistics Business
  • This is a must course for beginners and intermediate students/professionals in logistics, supply chain and operations management who want to improve and broaden their scope of knowledge on the subject as this is a specialized course on Air Logistics

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