Global Pharma Drug Regulatory Affairs course


  • Requires basics Pharmacy Knowledge
  • Having Medical and Pharmaceutical Background
  • M. Pharmacy
  • B. Pharmacy
  • Online Education
  • Curiosity for Learning
  • Students from lifesciences background


Are you looking for Job and want to make a career in Pharmaceutical Regulatory affairs?


If you are looking for Pharma Regulatory affairs course to start career as Regulatory Professional without paying huge amount or money then you are on right platform.

This course is for starting career in Regulatory affairs with certificate of completion.

Complete the course as per your free time as life time access is available.

If you are paying more than 5k INR or $15 for private institute/academy then you are in loss.

Please compare the course description and amount you are paying for such course.

Course Details:

The Pharmaceutical industry discovers, develops, produces, and markets drugs or pharmaceutical drugs for use as medications to be administered to patients, with the aim to cure them, vaccinate them, or alleviate the symptoms. Pharmaceutical companies may deal in generic or brand medications and medical devices

Regulatory Affairs plays a crucial role in the pharmaceutical industry and is involved in all stages of drug development and also after drug approval and marketing. …

Pharmaceutical companies use all the data accumulated during discovery and development stages in order to register the drug and thus market the drug.

So, this online course helps Pharmacy Students and Professionals to build their knowledge and skills towards career in Regulatory Affairs.

Regulatory course prepares students to be skilled in the field of global regulatory affairs, and enables existing regulatory affairs professionals to refine and update their knowledge of global regulatory affairs statutes and practices.

Prepare to play a pivotal role in managing the regulatory activities necessary to bring drugs and medical products to market.

Contents of this course :-

1. Basic Regulatory Introduction

2. Career and opportunities in RA

3. Objectives in RA Profession

4. Websites and Usage

5. Intoduction to ICH Guidelines

6. Basic general information about DMF (Drug Master File)

7. DMF preparation and submission


8. Module 1

9. Module 2

10. Module 3

11. Module 4

12. Module 5

13. eCTD software demo and eValidation

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Education and experience:
  • A minimum of a baccalaureate or equivalent first university degree and at least three years of regulatory or regulatory-related experience; or
  • A master’s degree of regulatory or regulatory-related experience; or
  • A doctorate degree (e.g., medical, dental degree, PharmD, PhD, ScD, JD) and at least one year regulatory or regulatory-related experience
  • No Prerequisite required only need Curiosity over new learnings

Regulatory Certification Benefits for Professionals

Anyone who works in the life science arena should consider the RAC program as an educational supplement to one’s current work environment. As identified in the RAC Certification, earning a RAC is useful in a variety of professional settings, within regulatory agencies, government and inter-governmental bodies, industry, consultancies, professional organizations, healthcare facilities, research institutions and educational institutions around the world.

Confidence is a true benefit from adding the RAC to your signature line, as a regulatory professional.

Course is designed to cover all aspects of healthcare product regulations, compliance and standards, giving a global perspective on regulatory affairs. There are practice exams available online to help prepare.

Certification by a Regulatory Professional platform not only gives you confidence in forming your regulatory advisements but also inspires confidence in those working with you or for whom you work. There is recognition that, by pursuing a regulatory certification, you have studied the regulations in your particular regulatory product area and are well versed in these regulations as well as in other product categories.

The ability to pass an exam written by your peers in your specific area of regulatory responsibility affirms that regulatory professionals have a clear understanding of the core components within their specialty area.


In this Advanced RA course the Detailed Practical and Theriotical aspects of Regulatory affairs can be learn in this course.

Like :-

Basics of Regulatory affairs

ICH, DMF, ASMF, CTD, eCTD, CTD structure, 1-5 Modules of CTD.

Basic Demonstration of eCTD software & eValidator (Lorenz Docubridge) 21CFR complied.

Drug Product Development, Documents Required for filling.

Preperation & Submission of CTD, eCTD, DMF, Filling of Applications (IND, NDA, ANDA, BLA).

Other miscellaneous Aspects in RA.

Who this course is for:

  • Pharmaceutical industry employees
  • Pharmacy Students & Pharma Professionals
  • Chemistry students
  • Science Graduates
  • Diploma in pharmacy
  • Pharma professionals
  • Students from lifesciences background
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