Google Ads: Avoid pitfalls & Optimize your campaigns



  • You need a computer, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection
  • Basic knowledge of Google Ads required to understand some technical terms (bids, CPC, match types, bidding strategies)
  • Strong tolerance to french accent

In this 60 minutes class, you will learn how to avoid traps on Google Ads and how to improve your KPIs in order to optimize your campaigns.

Are you looking to launch campaigns on Google Ads but you are scared to make the wrong choices? Did you have a bad experience on Google Ads but don’t know what went wrong? Are you a marketing professional looking to improve your skills? This class is for you.

As a digital marketing consultant with over five years of experience on Google Ads, I can tell you that even junior marketers have already done these mistakes. The thing is, Google Ads recommends some settings that are a really REALLY bad idea if you want to keep a tight control over your campaigns. Unfortunately, when you don’t know that they exist, it would only be through luck that you would avoid those pitfalls.

After having taken this class, you will be able to review your campaigns settings for any problems on your own and you will be able to optimize all your KPIs.

So, if you’re a business owner and you want to learn how to not waste your budget on Google Ads, this class is for you. If you’re a marketing professional and you’re looking for new ways to optimize your campaigns, I will also have some tips for you.

What you WON’T learn in this class

  • Step by step videos on how to create an account or a campaign on Google Ads online platform
  • How to create a campaign from A to Z
  • How to create ad copy and ad extensions
  • How to set up the conversion tracking
  • How to choose a landing page
  • How to use bidding strategies

What you WILL learn in this class

  • The settings you should know about when creating a campaign or when managing one
  • The most common mistakes made on Google Ads and how to correct them
  • Improving your KPIs (Quality score, CTR, CPC, impressions, conversion rate and CPA)
  • My opinion about some choices over others
  • + a PDF of all the solutions to improve your KPIs
  • + a complete list of generic keywords to add on your own campaigns

What you will need

  • Unless you have very good eyes, I would advise watching this class on a bigger screen than your smartphone’s
  • Basic knowledge of Google Ads (it’s an advertising platform where businesses bid on keywords to make their ads appear. There you go)
  • You don’t need a Google Ads account
Who this course is for:
  • People who are interested to learn everything there is to learn on the most powerful advertising platform
  • Small business owners who want to increase their sales and lead generation on their website
  • Marketing professionals who want to improve their knowledge of Google Ads plus concrete strategies to succeed
  • Students who want to develop new professional skills
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