Guitar Lessons – String Bending And Vibrato Essentials


  • All you need in order to begin is an electric guitar, an amplifier, a pick and a desire to learn.
  • We do however recommend taking our Complete Foundation Course which will give you the skills to tackle this course.


Learn to play with “feel” by taking our comprehensive study of the techniques of string bending and vibrato.

This stand-alone course serves as either a from-scratch, definitive tutorial or a valuable refresher of these two essential techniques. Top UK session guitarist, Bobby Harrison demonstrates different types of finger vibrato, as well as showing you how to achieve sweet, singing vibrato, using the whammy bar.

String bending is also covered in great depth, as Bobby provides you with all the essential tools to be able to pull off this technique with the minimum of effort. You’ll learn some cool bluesy-rock licks too!

A must for anybody new to the techniques of string bending and vibrato, as well as the player looking to refine his or her technique.

Who this course is for:

  • Some prior experience of the electric guitar is required i.e. at least a basic grasp of chords and scales. This course would suit the beginner and intermediate player, but would also be perfect for the advanced player looking to refine their string bending and vibrato techniques.
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