Harmonica Mini-Course: Learn How to Play Songs


  • A harmonica in the key of C. Other than that – no previous experience is needed.


The harmonica is a much easier instrument than how it might look like.

In this course – I will teach you how to get a beautiful sound out of the harmonica, and then – you will learn how to play your first 3 songs on it.

Using these tools – you can then look up the harmonica tabs and play your own favorite songs – and just like that, you’ve unlocked an awesome new skill in life.

The 3 songs I picked are not just especially beautiful, but also are great to learn as a beginner – since each one of them would make you a “rounder” player – and work on different parts in your playing:

  • Louis Armstrong – What a Wonderful World
  • Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah
  • Bob Dylan – Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Get ready to explore – I will see you inside!

Who am I?

My name is Alon Cooper, I am an artist and a music instructor based in Austin Texas and in Amsterdam. Since 2016, over 100,000 students have learned from my online courses.

As an artist, I release new songs to Spotify every month and play shows with my band.

As a harmonica player, I am playing shows, recording for other artists, and regularly releasing new harmonica cover videos and lessons to my YouTube channel almost every day, and have had hundreds of thousands of views on my harmonica videos in the last several years.

I’ll see you inside.

Who this course is for:

  • The course is for you if you enjoy the sound of the harmonica and you are curious about playing it yourself.
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