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  • The course content is written in an easy-to-understand manner. Keep an open mind to learning some new ideas and strategies.


HEARThrive Module 0 is an introductory free course that introduces you to the HEARThrive “brand,” so to speak. You will get a taste of the content, the layout, and the instructor’s style. This will help you determine whether you wish to watch any or all of the subsequent 12 modules, all FREE by the way (to be available on Udemy). Each module will focus on a new health strategy to help you prevent or minimize the risk of getting heart disease or other significant chronic diseases. Module 1 describes the best routine blood tests to get to monitor heart disease risk. Module 2 explains how a proper diet can help keep heart disease away. Cholesterol and statin drugs, used to lower cholesterol, are the focus of Module 3. Exercise plays a role in heart health, and that’s covered in Module 4. Vitamins and supplements are controversial, but some well-selected choices could be beneficial, as explained in Module 5. Did you know there is a simple and safe procedure called a calcium scan that can tell you immediately about your heart disease risk? That and other diagnostic procedure are described in Module 6. If you are taking prescription drugs, pay special attention to Module 7. Certain aspects of heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s are related and you could learn to tackle all three at once when you watch Module 8. Chronic inflammation contributes to the incidence of heart disease and your gut health, we are learning, may be involved in the process, as you’ll see in Module 9. How big a role do your genes play in heart disease? Look for answers in Module 10. Stress and aging well is the focus of Module 11 and you’ll discover you have a lot of personal control here. Finally, in Module 12, you will understand how hormones, toxins and your environment impact your risk of heart disease.

Who this course is for:

  • You should take this course if you worry about dying prematurely from heart disease or suffering a heart attack or stroke, or just care enough about your health to be proactive and easily prevent heart disease. The sooner you start on this journey, the better. This course is not for people who don’t really care about their health, or are unwilling to make changes.
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