How to be Safe When Buying SaaS Lifetime Deals


  • Be able to understand basic english


This guide is important if you buy lifetime deals on SaaS.

I will share with you how to be safe when getting lifetime deals and what factors you should consider.

So, make sure to watch the video or read the article thoroughly at least once because it will help you save your time, money and avoid unnecessary risks.

This guide is not specific for one product or deal network, but in general, it will help everyone who is buying LTD.

These are not clear-cut rules, but instead, tips based on my personal experience and members’ experience from our community.

You will learn:

  • What is a lifetime deal? Why is it offered?
  • Research about company and founder
  • You don’t need every single good deal
  • Get ROI (Break-even) fast as possible
  • Risk of SaaS being fully dependent on third-party
  • How well is the saas website is built?
  • Price manipulation & understanding
  • Risk of LTD mapped to a custom or starter plan
  • Understand and use refund policy effectively
  • A trial is always better than a refund
  • Examine ToS & deal terms carefully
  • Take a screenshot or archive the URL of the deal
  • Make sure to redeem your LTD codes
  • Don’t fully trust on-site testimonials
  • Never buy LTD based solely on the roadmap
  • Commitment, support, and listening to users
  • Keep track of your LTD
  • See if SaaS is using its product
  • Is it a white-label or codecanyon based product?
  • Risks associated with resell market
  • Never fully trust comparisons you see on SaaS or deal site
  • Learn from reviews and opinions but
  • Understand the risks of LTD
  • Understand the risks in the SaaS industry

Who this course is for:

  • Beignners who are new to SaaS industry
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