How To Find Good Tenants | A Guide for Landlords


  • To take this course you should be a landlord, property manager, or someone who is interested in tenant screening.



This course is all about how to find good tenants for your rental properties. If you can attract and screen the best tenants for your rentals you’ll be able to spend your time growing your portfolio instead of managing it.

RentPrep is a tenant screening company and we’ve been in business since 2007 and have worked with over 31,000 landlords and property managers.

We’ve spoken with thousands of landlords in the past 10+ years and this course is designed to share everything we’ve learned on how to find the right tenants for your rental properties.

It’s a process of understanding your rights as a landlord and implementing these proven strategies to find that perfect tenant.

In this course you’ll learn the pitfalls to avoid. What you can and can’t use as screening criteria and most importantly you will learn the process for how to find good tenants for your rentals.

There are zero refunds on this course… because it’s absolutely free.

We want to help you find the tenants that you only hear from on the first of the month when they’re paying rent.

Let’s get a system in place to help you do just that.

See you inside in the course,
– Eric Worral

Who this course is for:

  • Landlords and Property Managers that want to find the best tenants.
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