How to Get Udemy Paid Courses for Free and Legally?

Do you want to learn new skills online without spending a single Dollar? Well you’ve come to the right place!

Founded in 2010, Udemy has become the internet’s go-to place for online learning. With more than 65,000 courses, Udemy remains the world’s leading marketplace for both online learning and teaching.

Udemy covers a total of nine different categories and 100 different subcategories for learning. Over 20 million students benefiting worldwide and 30,000 supporting instructors, Udemy supports a total of 50 different languages!

Some of these courses are available for free, however most of them are chargeable. Udemy’s charging method is a price per course, and the original price of many courses is several thousand dollars.

Udemy courses are in paid form and you cant take it for free. So now you will ask me How to Get Udemy Paid Courses for Free?

So the answer is Whenever a paid course is released majority of its owners, Authors of the courses provide that same course for free for a time period. why they give it for free? They do it so as to get ratings.

It gives initials boosts to their course, It acts as a social proof and validates that the course is good and then it is converted to paid.

If I talk in marketing terms then its a “Free to Paid Marketing Strategy” Keep it free and then once its validated then increase its price or add Price to it.

Although Udemy often offers discounts, there are often no discounts on courses that you like. What should I do in this situation?

I want to share my experience of how to get udemy paid courses for free and teach you how to buy online courses at the most cost-effective price.

How can I get Free Udemy Premium Courses?

how to get udemy paid courses for free
how to get udemy paid courses for free


  • First, go to
  • Search for your course or look around.
  • There will be many courses with 100% off , get one wherever you want
  • Select your course
  • Click on “Get This Course for Free”.
  • And you will be redirected to the Udemy website and a coupon will be automatically applied

That’s it! Take advantage of your free lessons!

This is a super website, on this website you only need to enter the course keywords, and the website can help you search for “free” coupon code for related courses.

How often do Udemy Courses go on Sale?

This period is very rare, don’t miss it! My first Udemy courses were purchased during Thanksgiving in the United States, when many courses on Udemy were discounted. At that time, I purchased several lessons from the wish list at once. And the price is 10 dollars per course, which is very cost-effective.

In addition, the cheapest price of Udemy’s paid courses is $10, so if you really like a class and its price has been reduced to $10, you can definitely buy it right away, because it is already its lowest price. !

Are Udemy Courses Worth It?

In my own experience, there are usually only a few famous teachers who are interested and well-reviewed courses, so it is easy to encounter “there are many courses I want to buy, and they are all started by the same teacher.” And after many experiments, I found that Udemy has an inertial promotion method, if you make good use of it, you can definitely save a lot of money!

Udemy teachers usually send welcome letters to students’ mailboxes after students purchase courses, and they can ask them any questions about the course. Then, in the next few days, they will send an Email to the students to release the “student-exclusive discount.”

In short, most of the teachers will send students the ultra-low discounts for other classes within a few days after the student purchases this class.

In the past, there were a few teachers that I really liked, and I succeeded in buying his other course by using course coupons cheaply in this way. In addition, these teachers will be in their own Udemy when a new curriculum or some special days, occasionally send notifications for offers.

If you liked the class, but not so anxious to buy, then you can put it in the cart collection, such as when it cut prices, Udemy will automatically notify you. I really like this mechanism!

In my own experience, I will first select the most suitable course for me in the following ways:

Read the Students’ Comments After Class:

I have told you from my own experience of buying the wrong course that some of the course introduction videos seem to be wonderful and the editing is great, but after I buy it, I find that the content is actually quite ordinary. 

This is the case because some courses on Udemy are only packaged by a “marketable” starter or team, but the content is not solid. But this situation is actually normal. After all, Udemy itself is an online course “sales” platform.

However, in order to avoid this from happening, the students’ comments after class are definitely the best reference basis, which can help us to choose great courses efficiently. I really feel that this should not be neglected. A good course and a good teacher can definitely greatly help learning and understanding.

Observe the Personal Profile of the Instructor, or even Google him:

Anyone can start a course on Udemy, where you can learn very practical skills (skills that are being used by the industry), but it is also possible to choose the “package only” course mentioned above.

Therefore, before purchase a course, first go to Google and check the personal background of the course instructor, usually I will check the course instructor on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn will have comments from people who have actually worked with the course starter about his professional technical recommendations. This is a great reference . And most of the starters I have screened will provide courses that I am very satisfied with.

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