How to Get Udemy Courses for Free 2020 (Include Secret Method)

Today I will be talking about how to get udemy courses to Free. I will be telling you about how to upgrade your skills and taking them to next level Basically, you will know how a paid course can be turned to free.

As an added bonus, I will also show you 100% OFF method for how to get free 100 off udemy coupons easily.

Udemy courses are in paid form and you can take it for free,So now you will ask, how can I take the courses for free,Whenever a paid course is released, majority of its owners,Authors of the courses,They provide that same course for free for a time period, why they give it for free,They do it so as to get ratings. it gets initials boosts of their course,It acts as a social proof,It validates that the course is good and then it is converted to paid.

So as to get a validation, that this course is good and then they convert it into a Paid course. If I talk in marketing terms then its a “Free to Paid Marketing Strategy” Keep it free and then once its validated then increase its price or add Price to it So in this cases you will get a course for free.

So I am going to tell you such websites where you can take such courses for free, and whichever courses you are taking you will have it for lifetime,So thats a very good thing.

Lets get started,

List of Website Where You Get Udemy Premium Courses for Free

100oFFDeal is more than just an online learning platform, it is a way of looking at life from a whole new perspective. You can get free courses over 200+ topics in everything from Data Science to Photoshop, Web development, Graphic design, Marketing and so many others only on 100oFFDeal. 


It supports and features 5-language course coupons; English, German, Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish.


It is one of the best websites to find the coupons for free Udemy courses. The website’s coupons are regularly updated and categorized according to the categories listed on the Udemy website itself.

The website generally features all the courses that are either partially free or fully free.


This website share Free Udemy Coupon Code 2020– 100% Off . the most recent discount codes, discount rates, and also sales on their web page.

6 Udemycouponscode

They Provide Udemy Coupons and Discounted Coupon Codes for Udemy Courses and other relevant online products.

These websites are legal.There is no illegal way to get a course,These are valid, you can get udemy courses for free from here to upgrade your skills. I have told you ways. I have told you sources. I have given you reason to upgrade your skills.

All courses are good quality, premium courses,and quality education.

100 % OFF Method – How to Get Udemy Coupons for Free 

Some of you probably have already known this simple trick, but I will leave this here just in case anyone find this useful.

Disclaimer: these are paid courses that are currently in 100% off promo, so it is not pirating or stealing, hence it is 100% legal.

Simply use this search query in google:

  1. You open any browser

  2. And then paste Your subject, leave it blank if you wanna have anything available

           site: inurl:”/?couponCode=” “Enroll now”

How this works: – we use this to search only on

inurl:”/?couponCode=” – we need this to find paid courses that are currently on a promo, otherwise it will also returns bunch of free courses.

-”Enroll Now” – This query will filter out all the 1%- 99% off courses, and only show 100% off courses.

Now, all you have to do is changing your date to past month to find more relevant results:

So go learn and download free udemy courses, but never forget…

With great powers, come great responsibilities!

Happy Learning.

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