How to learn physics faster? AP Physics, IIT (Free course)


  • A will to get better at physics


How do I learn physics faster? How do I tackle numerical problems in physics? what is the best way to learn physics? How do I get good marks in physics? If you relate to any of the questions, this is a free course for you. Here are 11 ideas to get better at physics.

These ideas and tips have come about as a collaboration between me and one of my best students  who studies at UC Berkeley College of Engineering. Tip no. 11 – “Self Belief” , is particularly from her. She believes that systematic effort plus self belief is the key to getting better at physics.

After you complete the course I would strongly recommend you to follow the 11 tips consistently over next 30 days. You may find it a little difficult to practice in the beginning. However as you try and practice more, you will find that your understanding of Physics is improving every day.

In fact, physics is a lot about internalizing the concepts by repeat reading or watching and applying them not only in problem solving but also in real life.

So enjoy this free course and let me know what you think!

Who can enroll in this course:

  • Physics students of class 11 and 12
  • Physics students preparing for AP physics, physics 1, high school, IIT JEE, NEET or freshman engineering
  • Physics courses for physics teachers

Who this course is for:

  • Any one who wants to get better at physics
  • Students preparing for AP physics, physics 1, high school, IIT JEE, NEET, Freshman engineering
  • Any student who wishes to learn how to tackle physics problems more systematically
  • Teachers who wish to sharpen their teaching skills

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