How to make a professional Tshirt design masterclass


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  • no art degree is required
  • no prior knowledge of designer degree or designer experience needed
  • only laptop/desktop required along with stable internet connection required


Are you interested in making a Tshirt design without having any designer experience?

If yes then, this course is for you as I will take you to step by step in making a professional Tshirt design for free, easy narrated by me and also generating free mockup using free mockup generator printful and how to add product in printful store and so much more.

You don’t need any designer degree to make a professional-looking Tshirt design and anyone can do it, this course is made for purpose to make it so easy that anyone can make designs without any experience or degree.

I will show and teach you how to get an idea for a project. If you haven’t designed before, don’t worry I designed this class for people who have no background in graphic design and people who have not touched any editing software like photoshop. All the tools that we’ll be using here are completely free, no cost at all.

Who this course is for:

  • students who want to learn design a tshirt
  • anyone who wants to start with designing
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