How to Record and Edit Your Podcast Simply


  • You are starting a podcast and want to edit + record using simple free tools
  • You must have access to Apple Program GarageBand
  • You have already decided on your podcast name/topic area/hosting


Has that amazing plan for your podcast been stuck in your head for too long? To the point of frustration?

Now’s the time to take action, my friend! But in a simple way, minus the technical overwhelm and breaking the bank.

I created my Podcast, The Creative Goddess Show, just over 1 year ago and I have never looked back.

But… I procrastinated for a while before starting because I had this idea that it was too difficult.

What I realised? I was letting my fear of tech get in the way of sharing my amazing message!

So now I’m here to show you how I managed to record and edit my podcast in a way that didn’t make me want to run a mile in tech fear!

Here’s what you will learn in this course:

Module 1: Outlining Your Episode

Module 2: Recording and Editing Your Podcast Using Free Tool Audacity

Module 3: Adding Music to Your Podcast using GarageBand

By the end of this course you will be feeling a new sense of excitement because you will have overcome the technical barriers stopping you from taking action before and learned how to use these free magical tools to finally get your podcast recorded.

Of course, these steps are repeatable and can be used over and over again with every episode you release!

I’m super excited for you to start creating your podcast with confidence 🙂

You’ve got this! Charlotte x

Who this course is for:

  • Creative entrepreneurs who are introverted and would rather not be on camera but want to share their message
  • Creative entrepreneurs who are exhausted by social media and looking for a platform off the “grid”
  • Creative Entrepreneurs who are looking to connect more deeply and personally with their audience, as well as reach new ones
  • Busy Creative Entrepreneurs who have limited time in their day to create content
  • Bloggers who are looking for an alternative platform for their business, either to use instead of or in addition to their blog
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