How to rent your apartment for beginners


  • Calculate cost and income for long term and short term rentals
  • Write a description of the rented property
  • Understand why creating a brand name is important
  • How to calculate a price for the rental (short and long-term)
  • Clear comparison between short and long term rental
  • How to sell online the property for short term rent
  • Importance of creating a website and social media profiles for the apartment
  • Understand why online reservation system is important
  • What are indirect sales
  • …and much more


Apartment rental is a growing business – learn how to start step by step.  The main objective of this course to show you the main consideration, tools and key elements to start renting your apartment online.

Curriculum Overview

We will start with key elements to consider before you start renting:

  • finance – cost before and while renting the apartment. Income calculation for short term and long term rental. ROI index calculation
  • key requirements for your apartment online presence – how to write a description? How to make pictures and edit them? Price set up strategies.

We will then move to a long term vs. short term rental comparison – clear overview of pros and cons of each choice.

The last section is related to sales and marketing. While long term rental is about renting, short term rental is more sales (on daily, weekly rate). We will concentrate on direct and indirect sales:

  • own website – why is that important and how you can create a simple one on your own?
  • which social media are important for apartment rental?
  • is a reservation system required?
  • what are the pros and cons of indirect sales?

The course will guide you through the first steps to take for a successful apartment rental.Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to make money on apartment renting
  • Anyone who is renting apartment/s and want to improve sales
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