How To Start Meditating in 7 Days


How can we deal with being bombarded by infinite stimuli and not go crazy?

We know the importance of physical exercise for the body, but what about exercise for the mind?

Enter this 7-day meditation challenge and see for yourself how meditation can aid you in your life.

You don’t need to be a monk in a monastery or believe in God or take long and complicated training to be able to meditate and have peace of mind.

The scientific benefits of meditation are bringing this ancient discipline out of the monasteries, and into the hands of everyday people of the western world. I’ve tried to simplify the art of meditation into easy-to-digest pieces for everyday usage that can bring the gifts of meditation to practicality.

This course is perfect for beginners but also for those that want to deepen and enhance their own practice. I created this training with respect to the tradition of meditation but shaped it for use within our busy lives.

I invite you to this 7-day meditation challenge, where every day you can set aside at least 12 minutes to do a meditation (that’s how long the guided meditations in this course are, or shorter!) I want to show you that you do not need anything special or complicated to start something as simple as meditation.

Meditation training allows us to essentially accept ourselves, others, and the conditions that we are in without spiraling and succumbing to our minds- without judgments or without trying to force some specific feelings that we think we “should” feel. In a magical sense, through meditation, one can realize the completeness and perfection of the present moment.

Bonus Content

As a guest, we have Greg Burdulis, a former monk and current meditation teacher, and we talk about some practical aspects of meditation and their benefits.

FREE Bonus Gift to you: 70-page E-Book – “Here and Now: How to Meditate”

Do you want to gain enhanced awareness of your body and mind to feel more relaxed, learn how to deal with stress and feel happy and fulfilled? You can enhance your performance in school, work, training, or with relationships.

Whatever your reason to start meditation is, I will show how simple it can be and give you tips on how to create your own meditation routine. I will share everything I know about meditation that helped me, in the hope that you can benefit from it too.

Included Guided Meditations

  • Breathing
  • Body relaxation
  • Self-value
  • Mindfulness
  • Beach
  • Loving-kindness

You will learn:

  • What is meditation and how to meditate?
  • Is there a best way to meditate?
  • What are the different types of meditation?
  • How to “hack” the meditation?
  • How to reprogram your brain
  • What is mindfulness?
  • What is the path of the witness?
  • How do you breathe?
  • How meditation can help with managing stress?
  • How to create your meditation routine?
  • What are micro-meditations?
  • and much more…

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody starting meditation, beginners, or advanced students trying to establish meditation routine and deepen their own practice.
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