How to use Vlookup in Excel


  • You should be familiar with Excel and entering data into Excel.


How to use Vlookup in Excel

VLOOKUP is perhaps Excel’s most commonly used feature. This course only has one goal: to debunk the VLOOKUP function in Excel. Understanding how to use the most popular LOOKUP’S will allow you to manipulate, retrieve, and analyze data like never before! After completing this Video Course, the students would be experts. VLOOKUP was first used in 1985. It’s been with Excel from the beginning; Excel 1 for Macintosh, launched in 1985, included it. VLOOKUP has been the first lookup feature learned by Excel users and the third most used function over the last 34 years.

You will learn by seeing the tutor conduct the operation he is instructing on as he demonstrates how to perform these functions step by step in this Excel training course. Understanding references and how Excel responds to them is the first step in the preparation. It would then demonstrate how to use Vlookup before progressing to the next stage of lookup functionality. This course was created using Excel 2019’s most recent edition. All of the lectures are illustrated with illustrations, and you can import and learn the formulas using these excel files.

Excel makes it easy to find values of both rows and columns. Although there are advanced functions that allow Excel users to search for data ‘database-style VLookup functions are their more basic but still powerful counterparts. The significance of special data identifiers. This is an important aspect of Vlookup formulas and strong data structure in general that is often ignored. We’ll go into what happens when the two data sets don’t have a unique identifier to connect them together and how to address it.

Who this course is for:

  • Excel users.
  • Working Professionals and Students.
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