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HR Analytics & Dashboarding – Advanced Course , Please also check our HR Analytics & Dashboarding – Beginner to intermediate Course in the course list.

HR analytics is the process of collecting and analysing Human Resource (HR) data in order to improve an organization’s workforce performance.

This method of data analysis takes data that is routinely collected by HR and correlates it to HR and organizational objectives. Doing so provides measured evidence of how HR initiatives are contributing to the organization’s goals and strategies.

An HR dashboard is an advanced analytics tool that displays important HR metrics using interactive data visualizations. It helps the HR department to improve recruiting processes, optimize the workplace management as well as to enhance the overall employee performance.

The Human Resource dashboard and HR report are an important part of managing Human Resources. Both tools are part of HR reporting and for the basics of informed decision making.

An HR dashboard is a business intelligence tool that allows Human Resource teams to track, analyse and report on HR KPIs. Modern, interactive dashboards leverage an HR analytics platform which makes it easy to combine data from all systems and to deeply explore this data directly within the dashboard. This way, HR teams can quickly find insights that will improve recruiting, optimize workplace management and enhance employee performance.

Human resources (HR) dashboards aggregate and present employee data in a meaningful way, and are designed to help make the most of everyone’s time, both within the HR team and throughout the entire organization. As a visual display of key metrics, HR dashboards simplify information gathering, and present data in a way that can be sorted, analysed, and presented to management and executive teams.

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