HTML, CSS, & JavaScript – Certification Course for Beginners


Basic Computer Skills
Welcome to the HTML, CSS, & JavaScript – Certification Course for Beginners.

If you are interested in mastering the art of front-end development, look no further. This course is the complete beginners guide to developing cutting-edge web pages that are fully mobile responsive.

The course branches into three sections. We start by exploring HTML5, students learn the composition of a web page and how a web browser interprets html code to display the visual elements of a page. We cover just about every aspect of HTML syntax, to ensure you are well prepared for the remaining sections ahead.

The HTML sections covers the following key concepts:

HTML Page Structure

Working with Spacing

Text Formatting

Creating Ordered & Unordered Lists

Inserting Images & Videos

Creating Links and Anchor Tags

Inserting Tabular Data & Tables

Creating Forms

+ Much More

Once students have a firm grasp on HTML coding, we move right into CSS. Here, students will learn to add stunning design elements to really make web pages visually aesthetic. We will also cover a broad range of CSS attributes to make web pages completely mobile responsive, even on the trickiest of devices such as phones and tablets.

The CSS section of this course covers the following key concepts:

CSS Rules

CSS Classes


CSS Id’s

Margins, Padding

Font Properties

Backgrounds & Transparency


Link Styling

CSS Tables

+ Much More

In the last section of this course students will dive into adding interactive client-side functionality using JavaScript. JavaScript is an extremely powerful front-end programming language that can really help take web pages to another level. This section teaches students how to add client-side validation to forms, animate images and objects, and manipulate both HTML and CSS elements using the DOM (Document Object Model).

The JavaScript section covers the following key concepts:

JavaScript output

Variable declarations

Arithmetic operators



Math functions


Conditional statements


Functions and events

+ Much More

Who this course is for:
Students interested in learning to Code
Students interested in learning how to create web pages
Students learning to improve their skills in HTML, CSS, & JavaScript
Students interested in learning to create mobile responsive webpages
Students interested in learning how to add client-side interactivity using JavaScript.

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