Instagram Chatbots 2022. Complete guide on creating chatbot


  • No coding skills needed
  • Desire to master creating Instagram Chatbot


Over one billion people use Instagram regularly. 83% of users discover new products and services through this app, and almost half of them follow through with their purchases. It’s high time for brands to establish their presence on the platform and shape their unique voice.

Consumers expect businesses to respond to their messages instantly and sufficiently. Instagram chatbots can help achieve exactly that and even more.

Explore our Complete guide on creating Instagram Chatbots to learn how to automate communications and sell more using Instagram!

Instagram chatbots can be beneficial to businesses in many ways. They can help:

  • boost customer loyalty by providing users with instant answers to their queries 24/7;
  • achieve an increase in sales because you don’t make your customers wait and choose your competitors instead;
  • improve customer retention by sending helpful reminders and announcements;
  • save internal resources because you don’t need a lot of agents to process orders and reply to repetitive incoming messages.

In our Complete guide on creating Instagram Chatbots, you’ll learn:

  • How to automate communication with subscribers in Instagram Direct
  • How to integrate a chatbot into your business social media strategy
  • How to build an Instagram Chatbot with no coding skills
  • How to save client data using CRM and personalize communication
  • How to create multichannel communication with clients with SendPulse
  • How to analyze bot statistics and increase conversion rates

Enrol now to boost your chatbot-making skills with SendPulse and get a starting bonus right away!

Who this course is for:

  • Digital marketers
  • Social media marketers
  • “DIY” business owners who use Instagram
  • Chatbotmakers who want to learn how to create Instagram Chatbots
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