Intro To Front-End Web Development


  • No programming experience needed. You will learn the basic pre-requisites before starting the course.


In this actual course:

5 videos about 10 minutes for each video 1 chapter of each powerpoint has

5 chapters

1st chapter who we are?

why did we start this?

what is spicy coding academy like?

what can you accomplish after taking our course?

how we’re different than other boring bootcamps?

2nd chapter

what is a web developer?

what is front-end web developing? What cool things can you create as a front-end web developer?


chapter what is HTML?

what is CSS?

4th chapter

what is JavaScript?

what is the DOM?

Our community/paid course:

This is the self-paced version for those who learn best alone and at their own pace. There are no community-base live classes attached to this version.

You will get:

1) Interesting stories that help deepen and retain key concepts

2) Written lessons that focus on simplifying and including the most important information

3) Quizzes, and exercises to show your employers.

4)Two code along projects to include on your resume

5) Support from two industry professionals

6) Access to a community of learners taking the same course in Discord

We are excited to take you on a journey of coding. Trust us, you will not regret it. This course is for everyone at all levels. We welcome all.

Who this course is for:

  • People who don’t know anything about coding who want to change their career.
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