Introduction to Hotjar

Are you looking to improve your website? Are you running an online store and unsure why your customers are not converting? Do you work as an SEO Guru or Digital Marketer and want to grow your skillset? This powerful course is designed to give you a cutting edge view of the amazing Hotjar Recordings Toolset.

Developed in conjunction with industry professionals and consultants, this course assumes no prior knowledge of Hotjar, web development or user analytics know-how. We keep it simple with the ultimate aim of growing your business and giving you a firm foundation to better understand your customers. We talk in plain English, guiding you through the background, installation and use of Hotjar. Before you know it, you’ll be a Hotjar Hero and ready to advance to the next era of user analytics.

What Is In This Course

An Introduction & Overview of Hotjar
The Installation of Hotjar on WordPress
The Set Up, Configuration & Case Study of Hotjar Recordings
Worksheets & Learning Quizzes
What Our Course Testers Said

“Really insightful. I now spend time each day watching my Hotjar recordings and improving my site” – Adam B.

“Hotjar is a must-have for any person making a living online” – Louise K.

“Boosted my sales when it matter most. Invaluable” – Sebastián A.

Looking For More?

Check out my other course, the Hotjar Hero Masterclass here on Udemy.

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