TCP/IP Socket Programming HandsOn-Windows & Linux in C & C++

ocket Programming HandsOn-Windows,Linux C & C++ covering networking concept & all socket programs with execution

The Complete Android Ethical Hacking Practical Course C|AEHP

Practical Approach on Android Ethical Hacking. Learn to Prevent FACEBOOK , INSTAGRAM hacking.

Computer Basics 2020: Basic Computer Skills And Fundamentals

Everything You Need To Know About Hardware,Software,Security and Backup.

Complete WebApplication Penetration Testing Practical C|WAPT

Learn 100% Hands-On Real World Practical Approach!! Hack Websites Like PRO

Develop Problem Solving Skills & Build Programming Logic

Implement 60+ most frequently asked problem statements in C programming language

Git Workflows In Depth. Feature Branch, Forking, GitFlow

Learn most popular git workflows, start to use them and become a better developer!

Growth Opportunity with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Learn Everything You Need To Decide And Leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 Growth Opportunities!!!!

Agile Project Management 200+ Tools with Kanban Scrum Devops

Learn 200+ Tools of Agile + Scrum + Kanban + Lean & more. Includes DevOps &…

Legal Document Automation using Documate

Beginner's Guide to Document Automation

Media Server ASP.NET CORE 3.1

How to configure best media server for developing core application

Linux Administration (Free) – Career Booster

Beginners Guide for Learning the Basic Linux Administration and working on Linux Operating System!!!

Angular Material

Everything you need to know about Angular Material!!!

Network Ethical Hacking for beginners (Kali 2020 – Hands-on)

Learn How Hackers Think, Hack, & Secure Your System Like Security Experts, Ethical Hacking, Kali 2020

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