The Data Science MicroDegree: Data Analysis & Visualization

We start from absolute Python scratch and gradually progress into NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib & Seaborn for…

Docker everything you need to know in under an hour!

An in-depth course going through the basics concepts of Docker in under 60 minutes.!!!!!

PLC Programming From Scratch To Advance

This course will make you from zero to hero in S7-PLC programming.

Applied Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Zero to Elite

Learn +200 modern & practical industry-proven Linux tools + project-based shell scripting from the beginning

Active Directory Pentesting With Kali Linux – Read Team

Attacking and Hacking Active Directory With Kali Linux Full Course - Read Team Hacking Pentesting

DevOps 101

Beginner’s guide to pipelines, CI/CD, tools, and automation with Buddy!!!!!

Complete Regular Expressions Bootcamp – Go from Zero to Hero

Learn Regex (Regular Expressions) for PERL Python PHP Javascript Ruby Unix etc

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