Oracle Cloud Infrastructure OCI Basics and Fundamentals

Build and manage scalable and highly available infrastructure in OCI !!

Python Complete Course For Python Beginners

Python Complete Course For Python Beginners. Learn Python From Beginner To Advanced Level

Olympic Games Analytics Project in Apache Spark for beginner

Olympic Games Analytics Project in Apache Spark for beginner using Databricks (Unofficial)

Practicalities involved in Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

in Python !!

Ethical Hacking | Practical Password cracking – Office files

Cracking Word, Excel ,PowerPoint Passwords !!

Dive Into Kubernetes – Kubernetes in One Hour and Hands On!

Learn the Concepts and Kubernetes Components In This One Hour Introductory Course !

Develop & Deploy Java Springboot App on Kubernetes Cluster

Learn everything about Docker and Kubernetes in step by step manner by implementing it with SpringBoot…

Learn Microsoft Windows 10 in the Evening

A fast track to using Windows 10 !!

Cyber Security Course for Beginners – Level 01

Learn the Security Fundamentals required for your everyday online presence !!

Fundamental Question on Data Analysis

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) on Data Analysis !!

DevSecOps with Azure DevOps: Secure CI/CD with Azure DevOps

Integrate SAST & DAST security tools in CI/CD Pipeline !!

Computer Organization: CPU Cache and the Memory Hierarchy

Master CPU cache organization & ace computer organization, computer architecture exams!

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