Java and OOP concepts with interview tips.


  • No Programming experience needed.


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This is the crash course. I am creating another course; if you need more detailed content, it might take time to launch that course.

With the new rule, one can not publish a free course with more than 2 hours of content; please watch my other free course, “Java, Maven, Spring-boot, Docker Starter Course” before starting this course if you are setting up the environment and writing your first java program.

Sometimes java developer interview is very tricky. Once a tiny unintentional mistake can ruin your consultation, you may lose the opportunity.

Sometimes even you know the things you could not answer because you missed the headline or some critical names the interviewer wants to listen to.

The solution is practice.

This is a short crash course that may be useful for you.

This course will explain to you java concepts and tips for the interview.

This is not a coding or code Bootcamp course. This course will explain to you the concepts.

Do not forget to watch the “Java, Maven, Spring-boot, Docker Starter Course” free course before this course.

I will try to explain the concepts and make you confirmable with the java concepts.

As this is a crash course, tutorials may be quick; if you are stuck, listen again. Pause the video and play the concept section again.

Who this course is for:

  • Preparing for Java Developer interview
  • Students learning Java
  • Begineer and Intermediate Java developer
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