Java programming


  • No, this course is presented in a very lucid manner keeping in mind the image of a beginner student.


This course is created for those who want to learn Java at its core. From installation of software to writing basic Java programs, this course builds the foundation on which the students can create intuitive codes. It is often suggested to take a course like C programming before starting to learn Java. This is because Java is object-oriented language and it contains some intriguing topics of polymorphism and inheritance. However, this course starts from the very beginning and does not trouble the students with those topics. For more advanced topics, students are advised to check other courses.

This course in particular starts with simple programs. The approach is more on letting the student know the topic and learn through practice. No programmer’s knowledge is considered complete unless he/she is confident enough to write programs on their own. The programs are not always simple. Java is well known for its high graphics, rich applications. The applications that we see in our portable devices, screensaversi in desktops, rich internet applications (RIA) are all created using Java.

After a course in Java the student can learn Data Science and Machine learning as their next subject.

So, please enroll to this course and do send your valuable feedback. Your feedback will really help in improving the standard and quality of my course. Again thank you.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone and everyone who wants to start the journey of coding.

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