Job Interview Questions, Answers, and Tips


  • This course is delivered entirely online. You will be required to have access to a computer or web-capable mobile device and have consistent access to the internet.
  • This course is entirely free to enroll in and to access.


Learn how to showcase your personality, strengths, interests, and abilities to potential employers through the interview process.

A 3 Day Job Interview Preparation Plan. Study Materials, in one place.

The main thing is to go early to bed and have a great amount of energy in the morning to hit it big!

EXERCISES and Practice. Approaching Answers. Be prepared to discuss.

Enhancing fluency and accuracy in speaking through oral activities in VoiceThread.

The importance of preparation cannot be overstated. As well as boosting your confidence, it will help you to show the best you.

This course will help you:

identify, assess and be able to articulate what you uniquely have to offer an employer or contribute in their environment.

You may hear different opinions from people – Marina Hrabar will provide you with general evidence-based guidelines that can and should be tailored and targeted for every position to which you apply!

Your goal is to present yourself as the best candidate for the position and also to learn more about the position and the interviewer’s organization to determine whether both are well suited for you and your career goals. Thus, the interview is a two-way discussion rather than an interrogation, as it is often perceived to be.

Although you may work through this course completely independently, you may find it helpful to connect with other students through the discussion forums.

Who this course is for:

  • Build the skills you need to advance along any career path.

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