KQED is Offering a Free Media Literacy Course

San Francisco public television station KQED has launched a free online media literacy course aimed at helping high school teachers and librarians teach youth to be critical consumers of news and other digital content.

About KQED

KQED serves the people of Northern California with a public-supported alternative to commercial media. Home to the most listened-to public radio station in the nation, one of the highest-rated public television services and a leader in interactive technology, KQED takes people of all ages on journeys of exploration — exposing them to new people, places and ideas.

The course, “Evaluating Online Information: Resources for Educators,” is available on KQED Learn, a free online learning platform.

“The proliferation of fake news and the growing influence of online communities present new challenges for educators, and we want to help,” said Joanne Jennings, director of KQED Education. “To be thoughtful, knowledgeable citizens, we need to be able to think critically about the information we encounter online.

KQED Learn is an excellent platform for sharing what we know and what we’re learning.”
The course was developed in partnership with Common Sense Education, a nonprofit organization that provides media literacy education to schools and families.

The three-part course will help educators teach youth to:
• Distinguish fact from opinion
• Evaluate online sources
• Analyze online advertising
• Avoid plagiarism
• Create their own content
• Respond to online hate speech
• Help youth reflect on the impact of social media on democracy
• Help youth use media to make positive changes in their communities

“By taking this course, educators are joining a growing community of educators who are committed to helping youth navigate these challenges and become thoughtful digital citizens,” said Hilda Pilchman, Senior Director of Professional Learning for Common Sense Education.

The course will be available all year, with new lessons being added periodically. Educators can access the course here.

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