Learn About Foundational Knowledge to Start an IT Career


  • You will need to have working internet connection
  • You will need to have mobile, laptop or an iPad with headset or headphone


Information Technology is one of the fastest-growing industry and the demand for IT professionals are on the rise. To make informed decisions and decisions that serve the purpose requires information about different paths and components of information technology. The student will go through a knowledge base learning on Information technology and will know different roles within each of the sides of the industry and how to begin your career in information technology on the side of your interest such as development, administration, support, helpdesk, networking, content writing, and etc.

This course is helpful for all students who are studying IT or who are willing to get into IT and know the career paths and how they can develop their career in the field of Information Technology.

In this course, we are going to discuss what consist of information technology.

· Software and its types

· Hardware and its types

· Web Applications and Its Types

· Security and Its Types

· Databases and Its Types

· IT Communication and Its Types

· Servers and Its Types

· Internet and Its Types

· Network and its Types

· and IT Support

This course is not for Experienced Professionals or Developers or Programmers

This course is for students who are beginners and would like to understand IT and basic foundational knowledge of Information Technology.

Who this course is for:

  • Students Studying STEM
  • Students of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • Students who wish to start a Career in IT and understand foundational knowledge
  • Someone who is a beginner and exploring Information Technology
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