Learn Canva & Canva Pro – Easiest Graphic Design Course


  • You need a Stable Internet Connection
  • No Previous Design Experience Needed


Learn Canva & Canva Pro in 30 Minutes Only. This course is made to ensure that everyone is able to understand the contents inside. This course is made very easy to understand as is very efficient. We hope that you will understand a lot from this course. You will learn the following graphic design concepts inside this course.

Canva Graphic Design Course

Section 1: Introduction

  • Canva Introduction
  • Uploading and Downloading in Canva.
  • Understand Designing Strategy.

Section 2: Canva and Canva Pro Graphic Design

  • Canva and Canva Pro All Features.

Section 3: Bonus Lectures

  • Copyright FREE Images and Videos.
  • Remove Background without Canva Pro.

This course has following qualities:

  • Easy to Understand.
  • Less time more learning. (Created for people who are fast learners like you.)
  • All Canva and Canva Pro Features Explained and Understood.
  • Bonus Lectures explaining where to get copyright free stuff. (Images, Videos)
  • Bonus Lecture on how to remove the image background without Canva Pro.
  • Money-back Guaranteed.

Thanks for considering this course for yourself, I will be waiting for you once you enroll inside the course. This course is a good opportunity for you to become best at graphic designing inside Canva and Canva Pro. This is the only course you will need to become a great graphic designer.

I will meet you inside course,


Syed Nasir Ud Din.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone want to understand the Basics of Canva Software
  • Anyone who want to make Design himself.
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