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This HSK course is designed according to HSK standard course book with detailed explanation and assignments for Chinese beginners. This course will help you learn Chinese like kids, learn Chinese words stroke by stroke. We divided each unit to several lessons, each HSK lesson is less than 8 mins, which will help you learn Chinese in a less pressure way. You will be able to learn Chinese easily and pass the HSK1 exam without any difficulties.


  • 【AUTHENTIC】This course is taught by authentic native Chinese teacher with years of HSK teaching experience and over 8000 students all over the world. We are 100% confident to help you master all the Chinese study points for HSK testing.
  • 【DETAILED】The HSK course exceeds 7 hours learning, covering all the learning points for HSK1 test, with detailed explanation of Speaking/Writing/Listening/Reading abilities. The course has a comprehensive teaching system.
  • 【PRACTICE】Each lesson comes with practices to help you build a well understanding of the language. At the end of the course, you will have more than 10 mock tests to help you prepare well for the test.
  • 【5 STAR】This HSK course is highly praised by the students not only from Beijing offline learners but also from online learners, such as Udemy. Our students are really loving this HSK course and did recommend to many friends. Hope you will also like it.
  • 【SERVICE】This HSK course is an academic style course. We offer not only recorded course but also question and answer service. When feel confused, just submit the question in Udemy and we will reply within 3 working days. We also offer 30 days full refund if you don’t like our teaching. So there’s nothing lose to give it a shot.

Course Content:

  • 15 topics;
  • over 150 words and expressions;
  • 45 language points and grammar rules;
  • 32 speaking instructions and principles;
  • 38 writing explanations and worksheet;
  • 15 listening, speaking, writing and reading practice sheets;
  • 13 mock test to ensure you learned the course well;
  • 1 table sheet of all new words and expressions learned in this course.

Course Materials:

  • 1 X HSK1 Standard course book (as in PPT)
  • 1 X HSK1 Standard work book + CD audio (as in practice)
  • 13 X mock tests + CD audio (as the attachment in the end of the course)
  • 1 X table sheet of new words and expressions

This course id designed perfectly for HSK test takers and Chinese learners.

Who this course is for:

  • HSK test takers
  • Mandarin/Chinese absolute beginners
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