Learn Django by Building Invoice Management System


  • None, is as simple as copying codes, pasting and modifying although a bit of python basics will be better


This is part 1 of 2 of the course “learn Django by building an Invoice Management System course” where we will be building a complete invoice management system.

We will be covering the following topics in this Part 1 of the course:

First I will take you through what were are expected to build by the end of the course

this will be followed by series of lecture videos where you will need to practice by following along to have a better understanding of the code.

The topics are:

Setting up prerequisites. In this section, I will take you through setting up the Development Environment and make sure you have all that you need to start coding the invoice management system.

We will cover the concept of Django projects and apps and then setting them up.

We will also set up Django to use MySQL server to store the data of the application instead of the default SQLite3 Database that comes by default with Django

Setting up Django models and then inputting Data through the front end of the application

Customizing Django Admin portals to render Data in a beautiful Table

Setting up Django Templates URLs Paths & Views

Inputting Data through the Front End

You will then be ready for Part 2

Happy Coding:)

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners and intermediate interested in web devepment

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