Learn Excel in 60 Minutes: Using Real Company Data



  • Have Microsoft Excel (Mac or Windows) installed
  • Able to keep up with the fast-paced course
  • Be resourceful and use the internet to fill in any knowledge gaps

Use Excel to organize a real company’s accounting and customer data. Then apply key practices in data analytics to draw insights from the data.

This course is very straightforward and targets people that want to pick up Excel as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that this course may not be for everyone because we move fast. Video tutorials are also done on a Mac, and it may be a little different on a Windows PC.

You are not required to have any prior experience with Excel, but there will be some knowledge gaps if you are 100% unfamiliar with it. In any case, we have structured the course so that you can  easily follow along, but we expect students to be resourceful (i.e. Google) to fill in any gaps.

Excel tools you will learn: Pivot Tables, SUMIFS, COUNTIFS, AVERAGEIFS, filtering, conditional formatting, copying formulas, using dollar signs, and more!

Who this course is for:
  • Beginners in Excel curious about how it applies to a real world business
  • Job seekers applying to internships or full-time jobs that require Excel proficiency
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