Learn Guitar quickly & simply! Crash course for beginners…


  • A guitar (Acoustic, Spanish or Electric guitar are ideal)
  • No previous music knowledge/skills are required
  • A functional human body


Learning to play a six stringed guitar can be challenging and time consuming. Many end up getting impatient and learning just the basics. I designed this course to help beginners get quick knowledge and practice, so they can start playing lead tunes or play along (such as while singing or when playing with a band), with lesser time and effort.  This course will involve practicing the-

  • Basic octave sounds
  • Basic tunes
  • Chords
  • Popular songs (mainly English)

All without the need for previous music knowledge or jargons. I have focused on keeping it easy and to the point. With some practice of the given exercises, you will surely get the hang of it soon. Practicing few hours every day is suggested but take frequent breaks at the start, until your finger tips harden and grip gets stronger, to avoid unnecessary pain. Also note that this course is meant for right handed people, unless you reflect the screen in a mirror!

Becoming a pro level guitarist will, of course, require continued practice for months and also further learning. But this course will certainly form a solid foundation for the same while also getting you ready/practiced to play popular tunes and chords from A to G (including all flat, major and minor chords).

So let’s get started!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner level guitarists with a few hours to spare
  • Anyone who wants to refine/revisit their guitaring basics

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