Learn How to Book and Coordinate Events with Food Truck Club


  • No prior event coordinating experience required.


We designed this training to act as an initial introduction upon hire as well as a resource to go back to for answers with any questions that may arise. Most of what you need to get started is in this training, but we also understand that every question may not be addressed here. Please feel free and comfortable to reach out with any questions.

To most customers, booking a food truck is a scary and unknown process. They have lots of questions and apprehensions. We have found that booking and coordinating events is mostly about connecting with the customers and building their trust. In other words, we aim to be more ‘human’ with them than a transactional service. We work with employees wanting to impress their bosses and brides wanting the perfect day. If you communicate with each person on a personal level and with a desire to help, you’ll have success with us!

Also please know that Food Truck Club is still in the startup phase and there are sure to be changes and amendments to our current processes. Please stay flexible with us as we work to improve and innovate! Welcome to the team! We look forward to working with you!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone ready to help others with their food truck needs!
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