Learn Machine Learning algorithms, softwares, deep learning

Just basic computer knowledge to unleash the power of MAchine Learning
Machine learning course comprises below lectures.

# Course Duration

3.1 Machine learning introduction 00:07:11

3.2 Machine learning algorithms 00:10:25

3.3 Machine learning softwares 00:14:43

5.1 AWS and Machine learning 00:08:51

5.8 TensorFlow – Open source Machine Learning framework 00:16:15

Machine Learning on AWS covers more details about concepts of TensorFlow, Amazon SageMaker and other AWS ML topics.

Course covering KDD, AI, BI, Deep learning, Neural Networks, ANN, Decision tree, Bayesian networks, TensorFlow and Knime

Who this course is for:
For all those who is interested in learning about Machine Learning and Data science.

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