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This course is about Microsoft Windows. Microsoft revolutionized how we use the computer when it introduced Windows operating system in the mid-1980s by introducing an operating system with a user graphical interface. Before then using computers with black and with screens was a nightmare for ordinary computer users. Microsoft has introduced several versions of OS since then. The supported Windows versions today are 10 and 11. Windows. Windows 10 will still remain relevant for years to come because the basic requirement of windows 11 is not within the reach of an ordinary user, one of the scariest requirements is that it installs on 8-generation computers and above.

Windows is an operating system tagged OS. Operating is the root of digital computing. It is the first program that Runs on a computer without it other programs cannot Run. It is the operating system that allocates computer resources to other computer applications and peripheral devices. OS keeps track of the files and folders in the computer and helps the user in storing and retrieving them. OS can be likened to the housekeeper the gateman and the overall manager of a computer.

Good knowledge of the OS is one of the basic requirements for the use of a computer

This course is designed to impart the basic working knowledge of windows 10 OS.

You will learn to set up a windows 10 workspace by personalizing, and managing storage devices including flash Drives, managing application programs, create and manage files and folders.

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody who is using windows OS or who will like to use Windows 10
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