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  • There is no prior experience required; only a willing mind to learn something new and adapt to their lifestyle is required. In fact, anyone can learn this in a week.


In this Online Mentalism and Mindreading Course,We will guide you step by step to grow you as a complete entertainer. you may learn how to grasp magic via the energy of mentalism and thoughts analyzing strategies so as to blow your target audience away.

The effects your will learn this course, you can start to perform everywhere, whenever and at any event to astound your circle of relatives, friends or office colleagues. Via using simple props inclusive of your mobile phone, books, or business cards, those effects and illusions, as soon as perfected, will have you ever well on course to being the mentalist you usually desired to be.

What you will learn

1.Psych Influence

Influence the choice or decision of the participant for a better outcome

2.Alpha Mindreading

Mind read a random word chosen by the participant

3.Mirroring the Image

Duplicate the image of any drawing drew by the participant

4.Passcode Unlock

Unlock participant Iphone passcode without any hassle

5.Any book Any word

Participant random chosen word from any book will be revealed through mindreading

6.Psy Key

Mind bend the virtual key in a psychic way

7.Predict the Outcome

Predict the outcome of the choice which participant going to make through their choices

8.Prediction X

A stunning X prediction using a pack of playing cards

9.Photographic Memory Test

Memorize half a pack of shuffled playing cards using memory principle

10.Subliminal Message

Force a subliminal message through a test using few cards

11.Lottery Prediction

Predict the winning numbers of a lottery by doing a psychological play with numbers.

On this path, you may learn to resolve the mysteries of mentalism and thoughts analyzing. You’ll use the artwork of phantasm and mental-based strategies to amaze your target audience and play with their minds.

Students who complete this mentalism and mind reading course will:

Find out an creation to mentalism and mind reading like no other

Research a depth of magical ability hardly ever shared

Learn to mindread any word from the book which your spectator may choose

Influence your spectator choices and decisions

Force a word using subliminal message

Duplicate their drawing

Unlock their Iphone

Use small props to create the illusion of reading minds

Use everyday objects to impress your audience

Who this course is for:

  • Professional, students, Individual or anyone can learn
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