Learn Photoshop in Under 2 Hours

What you will Learn –

Learn Adobe Photoshop from beginner to advanced

Photo Editing: Clean up face imperfections, improve and repair photos

Learn Photoshop Essentials and Advanced Features

Photo Maniuplations: Cut away a person from their background and much more

Master selections, layers, and working with the layers panel

Learn all the different kind of Selection techniques

Master Masking to be able to seamlessly combine images together

Learn useful keyboard shortcuts and best practices

You’ll be comfortable navigating Photoshop, creating new projects, designing how you imagine, and saving it for any purpose.

You’ll learn graphic design, photo editing & photo retouching in Photoshop

You’ll learn how to add and edit text to your graphics.

You’ll know how to use blending modes, layer styles, and blending modes to create fun and unique projects.


  • A computer or Mac
  • Basic Internet connection


In this course you’re going to learn everything that you need to know in order to get started and master Photoshop from scratch.

You will learn all of the basics and advanced principles in an easy and efficient way.

The videos are going to show you exactly what to do in a step-by-step approach by using exercises along the way.

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