Learn Python Practically


  • Have previous knowledge about python langauge


There are many of courses and sources to learn python language, but the problem is shortage of  practices compared to the theoretical section.

( Review Python Practically) practices are more than videos. The practices include of guidlines to help the student to master the knowledge. Wasting time until you get boring is not our goal in this course, our goal is to  think step by step  and point by point for ordering the knowledge in our brains gradually.

This course will cover :

  • Python Intro
  • Python preparation
  • Python statements
  • Python data types
  • Python Function
  • File

The codes in the practices are:

1) Codes without inputs

This means codes do not have input function, but have variables assigned to values or with print function

2) Codes with inputs

This means codes have input function, and may have variables assigned to values or print function


1) The course have codes with (Error) result  when (Run) the code and that will help you to avoid the errors.

2)  (Input) in the practices will show you how the code operate depends on the inputs in each running time.


To the end of this course, you will have enough background base  to learn python projects easily. The projects you can do by python are many. I have mentioned several common projects in the course in the first section.

Who this course is for:

  • Who wants to master his knowledge in short time
  • Suitable for student who has studied python before
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