Learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in 2 Hours


  • No prior experience needed


Do you want to learn SEO in the fastest and easiest possible manner?

Then you have to the right place!

This course is very different from other SEO courses out there because I don’t teach you SEO in a technical and boring way.

I have deliberately created this course in such a way that only what absolutely essential and practical is taught.

Also, everything that is taught in this course can be immediately applied even if you are solopreneur with absolutely no prior experience in SEO.

And another thing that makes this course very different is that I have only shown FREE SEO tools. SEO tools can be very expensive and when you are starting out they are simply not required. The free tools that I show in this course are more than enough to get started.

Here is what you will be learning in this course:

Understanding SEO with the help of practical examples

To start off, I will be giving you some practical and real life examples from my own business which will help you understand the importance of SEO when it comes to selling your products and services.

We will then be creating a fictional business with the help of which we will be understanding how to implement SEO from scratch.

How to do Keyword Research

This is the part which will really kick off things because we will be seeing how to get ideas for keyword research and how to analyze keywords to see if they are worth writing content for.

Long Tail Keywords

We will be learning about the importance of using long tail keywords and then using various techniques to research and analyze good quality long tail keywords that can help us rank our content quickly even if we have a brand new website.

Writing SEO optimized content (On-page SEO)

Once we have found our winning keywords, we will be learning about the exact process to write SEO optimized content which can rank on top quickly on Google.

For this purpose we will be using the free version of the Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress.

You will be learning about each and every aspect of what makes a perfectly SEO optimized content.

Generating More Keyword Ideas

In this part I will be showing you some rare and amazing techniques to get an unlimited supply of keywords so that you never run out of ideas to generate content. Again, all the tools I will be showing here are free tools.

Off-page SEO (Backlinks)

In this part you will understand the importance of off-page SEO in turning your website into a great website with great authority. Here we will be spending a lot of time talking about the technique of building backlinks.

This is really a one-stop SEO course which is especially made for those people who want to learn how to do SEO in the easiest, quickest and the most practical way so that they can get free and recurring traffic to their website and therefore generate sales of their products and services in a sustainable way.

If you like the sound of all this, then jump right in and let’s get started 🙂

Who this course is for:

  • People who are looking to learn how to implement SEO on their websites in an easy-to-understand and quick manner and rank on top quickly and easily.
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