Learn Three.js using React: Build a 3D Tesla Workshop 2021


  • Knowledge of React


This course introduces you to the world of three.js and how it can be integrated with react based web application. We make use of react-three-fiber to help you learn and build a website that supports interactive 3D objects.

Let us help you become competitive in building 3D websites and enhance your portfolio!

We will teach you how to setup your react app along with other environment settings to connect with react-three-fiber. This course will go through underlying core concepts of three.js including scene graph, geometry, lighting, materials, textures and shadows. You will learn how to make objects interactive and add physics to your scene.

You will learn how camera settings and lighting work to render the perfect scene. Apply materials and textures to objects to make them come to life. Learn about geometry and meshes to create realistic looking objects. Make your 3D web application interactive by adding controls and setting up events.

By the end of this course you should have your react webpage ready with a 3D model of Tesla workshop that you can enjoy for yourself or share with you friends.

Who should enroll in this course?

This course is for anyone who has basic knowledge or react or javascript and wants to learn how to create interactive 3D websites.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners curious about Three JS and 3D web development
  • Developers interested in basics of 3D web development using three js and react
  • React developers looking to add Three js to their skillset

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