Learn to Deploy Containers on AWS in 2021


  • Basic understanding about cloud computing


This is the era of serverless containers and serverless functions. Many businesses have already embraced public cloud platforms like AWS to deploy their production applications that are built on serverless architectures. Therefore, as developers, we must be familiar with the deployment aspects of containers and functions to serverless cloud architectures.

In this course, you will receive hands-on experience on how to deploy container workloads to the AWS cloud platform. We will discuss how to use AWS services like Amazon ECS, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and Amazon Lightsail to deploy Docker containers at scale.

We will also discuss how to use AWS Amplify CLI to simplify the container deployment process while learning ins and outs of the architectures that the containers get deployed to. You will learn how to configure the network architecture to securely deploy containers and how to expose your containers to the outside world using Load Balancers and API Gateways.

After the introduction section, you will two main approaches to deploying containers with Amazon ECS at scale.

  • Approach 01 – How to use Amazon ECS, AWS Fargate, and Application Load Balancer for container workload management
  • Approach 02 – How to use Amazon ECS, AWS Fargate, API Gateway, and Cloud Map for container workload management

You will also understand the basics of,

  • Service discovery
  • Container auto-scaling and load balancing
  • Virtual network setup
  • Security considerations

Hope you’ll enjoy this course. Let me know if you have any concerns.

Happy Learning!

(I will be adding more sections and content in the upcoming days)

– Manoj

Who this course is for:

  • Developers who are interested in full-stack cloud computing with AWS
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