Learning Excel from scratch for productivity in office


  • You just need a computer system with Microsoft office installed simple


Excel is a very powerful and one of the most used analytical tool. very important questions that recruiters ask during job interviews in Excel are being answered in this lesson. this lesson contain very important aspect that you can’t attain higher productivity without the knowledge. This lesson highlights are explained step wisely without rushing. In this course, the detailed step by step process to doing the following are explained.

* How to create a filter in Excel. Filter in Excel is very important area in Excel that helps to sort out information without stress.

* How to create a data entry form in Excel

* How to password your documents against unauthorized access. This particular aspect is very important. It protects the company’s data from unauthorized access that’s why big organizations don’t joke with it. Because of this, it’s always one of the important question asked at Excel job interviews. How to do it is explained in steps in this video.

* How to create a primary key in Excel. Primary key is a unique I dentifier that Identify a particular data in a row of a table. This particular feature is mostly obtained in Microsoft access but in this video it is explained in details how to create a primary key in Excel without stress.

* How to create a Vlookup in Excel. This is also very important question usually ask during job interviews in Excel. It is a very necessary aspect of Excel that is very pertinent for optimum productivity in the office. These are skills that if acquired, you’ll sell in the labour market.

Who this course is for:

  • All categories of persons
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