Learning NGINX Web Server from Zero to Hero


  • Basic understanding of Linux, VirtualBox and Vagrant



NGINX offers speed unmatched by competitors like Apache, on top of bonus features such as load balancing and HTTP caching. Its rising popularity makes NGINX an indispensable skills for web developers, system administrators, and web technologists of all kinds. you will learn how to  install and configure NGINX on a Linux machine, and set up the rest of the pieces you need for the complete LEMP web development stack also explores the security features of NGINX, such as password authentication, HTTPS, and SSL certificates, and its capabilities as a reverse proxy and load balancer.

The Following Topics are Covered

  1. Installing NGINX on LinuxConfiguring a virtual host
  2. Installing PHP and MariaDB for the LEMP stack
  3. Securing sites with NGINX
  4. Creating SSL certificates
  5. Reverse proxies
  6. Load balancing

Demos: Added in one lecture how to setup NGINX

Who this course is for:

  • Developer,System Administrator, Database Administrator
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