Discover your Energy Body

The Chakra School Guide to Mastering your Chakras, Revealing the Secret World !!!!

The Biggest BOOST To Your Chess Performance

Improve Your Game With Confidence!!!!

39 Travel Tips to Make Your Travel More Enjoyable – 1 Hour

Travel Tips To Help You Enjoy All Your Business and Personal Travel and Vacations

Nutrition Certification: Go from zero To Hero in Nutrition

Nutrition, Dieting, Weight Loss, Nutrition Certification, Building Muscle, Healthy Eating

( 14 hrs) Economic principles – learn by watching football!

5 countries: 5 economies: 2 competitions (Includes Economics English course)

Meditation Masterclass

Accredited meditation teacher training; practice and teach a wide range of meditation techniques from around the…

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) For Beginner Gamers

Discover the lucrative world of PUBG, eSports and Tournaments

The Complete Law Of Attraction Course Updated for the 2020s

Become Your Own Best Law of Attraction Coach - Great Life Manifestation Attract Success

Digital Electronics Made Easy – Boolean Algebra till FSMs

Digital Electronics and Circuits Design

A guide to food nutrition facts label

How to understand and use nutrition facts label !!!!

Maths Basics

Build a rock solid foundation with Math Roadmaps & Frequent Math Revision

Paint and Draw a colorful Rainbow Dragonfly with Watercolors

Overcome the challenges of watercolor splashes and create a colorful dragonfly watercolor painting!!!!!

MacroEconomics for Beginners 2021

Nature & Scope of MacroEconomics in 160 minutes

Free Salsa & Bachata Dance Videos

Taster of content across all our courses!!!!

The Complete Chess Endgame course for Beginners

Turbocharge your endgame skills with this simple, fun and easy to learn course! Suited for Unrated…

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