Comic Book Creation Masterclass: Draw Amazing Superheroes!

The Ultimate Guide to Drawing Comic Book Heroes from Start to Finish Using a Free Tool!

The Complete Fitness & Health Masterclass – 21 Courses in 1

The Most Comprehensive Masterclass to Improve Your Mind, Body and Health - Start Growing Today!

The Complete IELTS Guide- SIX Courses in One – Get Band 7+

Updated May-August 2021: IELTS Preparation- Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing (Academic AND General)

Pharmacy Assistants In Canada Preparation Course

Learn to become a successful Pharmacy assistant in Canada and take your career to the next…

39 Travel Tips to Make Your Travel More Enjoyable – 1 Hour

Travel Tips To Help You Enjoy All Your Business and Personal Travel and Vacations

Basic SAFE exercises for over-50s

How to exercise safely !!

How to Barbecue Chicken (Smoking Chicken Recipe)

I'll be walking you through step-by-step everything from the marinade to the cooking process. !!


Chemotherapy of different Diseases !!

Intro to Zero Waste Living

Understanding the 5 key principles of waste reduction !!

51 Fitness, Nutrition, Skinny-Fat &Health Myths and Mistakes

Avoid these Fatal fitness,nutrition,skinny fat& health myths & mistakes !!

Learn Guitar quickly & simply! Crash course for beginners…

Learn popular tunes & chords like Titanic,Summer of 69,Harry Potter.. starting from basics !!

( 14 hrs) Economic principles – learn by watching football!

5 countries: 5 economies: 2 competitions (Includes Economics English course)

Strokes disable. Heart attacks/strokes also kill – thousands

Heart attacks/strokes kill ten times as many as COVID-19. Prevent the attacks before they happen.

Chess 101: Learn how to play chess for newbies

Learn how to play the games of chess for complete newbies

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