Machine Learning Projects with Python


  • Basic Python Knowledge


In this course we aim AI enthuasist from any work dicipline. You can be a engineering studeny in C─▒mputer, Machine, Indsurty, .. Engineering Departments or you can be a biologist trying to find a new methodology for disease detection, or a finance expert who want to cluster his/her customers into segments.. You can use Machine Learning in any field of your real life !

By studying the projects in this course you will have a general understanding about machine learning and its aim to use in real life. After this course you will have a clear concept of AI and machine learning in your head and it’s upto you to deep dive into more detailed subjects of machine learning, deep learning or artificial intelligence.

In this course you will learn the how to solve 2 Basic Machine Learning Projects/Problems. The course content is as follows:

  • 1. Installation of Python and Anaconda Software Development Environments
  • 2. Machine Learning Project # 1: Price Prediction
  • 2.1. Price Prediction Project and the Required Machine Learning Model for Solution
  • 2.2. Python Solution of the Price Prediction Machine Learning Project
  • 3. Machine Learning Project # 2: Customer Clustering
  • 3.1. Customer Clustering Project and the Required Machine Learning Model (Kmodes)
  • 3.2. Python Solution of Customer Clustering Project

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is interested in solving real life problems using Python and Machine Learning
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